Angel Investments

KB Partners has raised two early stage technology oriented traditional venture capital funds, KB Partners Venture Fund I and KB Partners Venture Fund II, from a group of high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Both funds have been fully invested and principal Keith Bank is now investing personal capital in individual deals in combination with a variety of co-investors, in lieu of raising any additional institutional venture funds.

Keith began his personal venture capital investing career as an angel investor and has recently decided to return to his roots. This affords KB increased flexibility across industry, stage, size and capital structure. At his core, KB’s principal is truly an “entrepreneur for entrepreneurs”, and enjoys the freedom that the angel investing structure affords him. KB will consider deals in the following areas:

  • Technology Products and Services
  • Medical Products and Services
  • Industrial Technology
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Consumer Products and Services

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PhenixP2P Inc. Is a Chicago-based technology development company revolutionizing content delivery with PCastTM, the world's first and only real-time video streaming platform with unprecedented ~300 milliseconds of end-to-end latency and the capability to scale to millions of concurrent viewers.

Our goal at PhenixP2P is to foster collaboration and drive viewer engagement by surpassing the current "live" streaming standard with unprecedented scale, decreased latency, improved straming quality and lower costs.

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Club Champion

Club Champion is a market leading custom golf club fitting and building company headquartered in Chicago with existing locations throughout the United States and major expansions underway.

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MVPIndex is a data anaylytics firm focused on sports and entertainment social media information and indices that help brands, agencies, teams and leagues quantify the social media power and appeal of athletes and entertainers.  Using a proprietary algorithmic driven brand ambassador index, the online service tracks athlete and entertainer posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube, and then assigns them a rating of 0-10 based on their profiles’ reach, engagement and conversation.

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Full Swing Golf, Inc. manufactures and distributes golf simulators for golf professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses.  The company offers its products through distributors worldwide.  Simulators are in the homes of Tour Pros, including Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Jim Furyk, Padraig Harrington, Patrick Reed and many others.  

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SteadyMed Therapeutics

SteadyMed Therapeutics is a Specialty Pharmaceutical Company, publicly traded (NASDAD:STDY) with Headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area and R&D in Rehovot, Israel.

SteadyMed is leveraging it PatchPump parenteral therapeutics delivery platform to develop its own drug product portfolio and is partnering with BioPharm companies to optimize delivery of their novel and existing drugs. SteadyMed aspires to redefine the parenteral therapeutics experience for patients dependent upon large doses of intravenous and subcutaneous medication by extending the limits of parenteral therapeutics to restore freedom, joy and dignity to patients’ lives.

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Supreme Golf

Supreme Golf is a technology firm that has created the KAYAK of golf tee times. They are the world’s largest and only tee time metasearch engine that allows consumers to compare tee time pricing and reviews from multiple tee time agents and deal sites in one search.  Booking takes place directly on and our apps or via affiliate partner properties.

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Hammerhead Navigation

Hammerhead is an innovative and beautifully designed heads-up display and smartphone app for bicycle navigation. 

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The company’s main target markets are professional sports teams, universities and sports venues. To build a sustainable business, clubs must go beyond to monetize every aspect of the fan experience. This understanding led GAGA Sports to relaunch as FanCompass in 2016 with the singular mission: convert fan engagement into revenue.  FanCompass is a lead generation software platform that helps grow a sports team’s fan database (integrates social media and data collection), identifies key influencers and sells more tickets. FanCompass has built a program that combines both technology and services to continually acquire, understand and monetize local and global fans.

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Buddy Media, Inc.

Buddy Media makes it possible for the world’s largest and most trusted brands to engage their audiences by extending their advertising into the world of social networks.  Its branded social applications increase engagement and social interaction between people and brands, ultimately creating social brand loyalty.  Through its Brand Advocate Process, Buddy Media plans, builds, promotes and monitors “app-vertising” campaigns-branded social applications.

The company was founded by serial entrepreneurial Michael Lazerow, who has co-founded four successful internet-based media companies.  Co-investors include Bay Partners, GreyCroft Partners, Softbank Capital, Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal), and European Founder’s Fund.

Acquired by (NYSE: CRM)

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MST Analytics, Inc.

MST Analytics was a holding company set up to acquire and hold directly, or through wholly-owned subsidiaries, four operating companies, all of which developed, manufactured and sold products that were used primarily in the process of semiconductor fabrication and in the chemical industry.

The MST Entities.  MST U.S. and MST GmbH (Germany) engaged in similar businesses with different geographical concentrations.  The MST Entities were involved in developing, manufacturing, and selling both fixed and portable hazardous gas detection systems, primarily for the semiconductor, chemical and petrochemical industries.  These products utilized electrochemical sensors, in combination with sophisticated microelectronics, to detect a wide variety of toxic and hazardous gases and provide optimum protection to their customers.  MST U.S. targeted sales to North America and South America and MST GmbH targeted sales to Europe and the Far East.

Sensoric GmgH.  Sensoric was active in the business of developing, producing and marketing unique and reliable field-tested electrochemical sensors for use in detecting a wide variety of toxic and hazardous gases.  Their sensors were a major component of the gas detection systems that the MST Entities manufactured and sold.

FPM Analytics, Inc.  FPM was an early-stage company which had developed and marketed a series of on-line liquid process analyzers for a wide array of industrial applications.  The FPM systems provided real-time, on-line sample composition information which was useful in maintaining control of the process being monitored.  FPM had established a reputation for successfully installing analyzers in very difficult applications, where others had either been unsuccessful or not even attempted to market such products.  Several key products were developed for the semiconductor industry.

Investment Details

Recognizing the potential for synergistic growth and operational streamlining that could be achieved by combining the four operating companies, KB Partners created the acquiring entity, MST Analytics, Inc., in January 1997.  It was KB Partners’ belief that operational efficiencies coupled with cross-selling opportunities would result in rapid growth in both revenue and market share when these four companies were combined.  By sharing technology, personnel, and overhead across the companies, rapid operational improvements and bottom line increases could be expected in short order.

Through a complex series of transactions including equity, stock swaps, and both domestic and international debt, MST Analytics, Inc. acquired the four operating companies in July 1997.

Significant operational efficiencies were realized across the four companies, numerous key hires were made, including a President and CFO for MST U.S., and streamlining took place in several areas.  Increased sales efforts resulted in multiple major installations including the White Oak semiconductor facility, a joint venture of Motorola and Siemens, representing the largest implementation of MST’s innovative satellite detection system.  Additionally, FPM created various cutting edge products which were very favorably received by several of the largest players in the industry.

The company was very successfully sold to ATMI, Inc. a publicly traded semiconductor firm (NASDAQ: ATMI)



Zavers is a powerful digital management system that provides qualitative and quantative information never before available to Product Marketers and Retailers, helping them to measure the effectiveness of their marketing programs.  Zavers connects online advertising with promotional incentives that are stored online and processed at point of sale through a proprietary, patent-pending Digital Incentive Management Engine.  This connection allows Zavers to provide measurements at every step of the customer’s purchase process, and marketers and retailers to optimize their online and offline marketing investments.

Product marketers gain efficiency, speed to market and expanded reach, while consumers can become smarter shoppers, as savings on the products they want become easier, more convenient and more environmentally friendly than today’s paper based coupon system.  Retailers can add additional value to their loyalty cards, increase specific promotions, improve efficiency of incentive settlement, and give consumers additional incentive to shop at their stores.

Acquired by Google, Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)


RCT Analytics, Inc.

RCT Analytics, Inc. (“RCT”) provided state-of-the-art, video-based customer traffic tracing systems.  This patented system was primarily targeted at patron counting for the enclosed shopping center, retail, and casino industries.  The People Counter™ captured data through compact video cameras concealed in ceilings at entrances and other exit points in the facility.  The live video fed into RCT’s Entrance Processor™ (EP), which translated the video images into a digital format.  The EP then calculated the number of patrons and their direction in or out of the mall/store/casino.  This data was transferred to RCT’s Traffic Analyzer™ Windows-based software, which graphically organized and presented the data.  The applications of People Counter™ traffic data were far-reaching and had a significant impact on mall, retail, and casino owners’ bottom-line decisions with regard to labor scheduling, marketing and promotional activities, lease negotiations, operational decisions such as HVAC and security, and capital improvement decisions.

The Company merged with ShopperTrak in 2001 ( to become the world’s foremost provider of shopper traffic counting information, technology and decision support software for businesses in the retail, gaming, hospitality and entertainment industries.


Pixel Optics, Inc.

Pixel Optics is a company founded by experienced ophthalmology experts that have developed several revolutionary spectacle lens technologies to provide a better vision experience for eyeglass wearers.  The company’s unique, patented lens products are produced using proprietary composite lens technology that approaches lens development from a completely new perspective.  Pixel Optics combines lens design principles and well known, proven lens materials to create new categories of eyeglass lenses that address vision problems more accurately and effectively.

This revolutionary composite technology forms the basis of a number of exciting new lens products that Pixel Optics will be launching, including both “static” lenses having a fixed focus, and “dynamic” lenses with a changeable focus, such as electro-active lenses.  The company has registered over 200 lens related patents and patent applications worldwide..

Pixel Optics lenses will be marketed through traditional vision care industry distribution channels.  There are no special equipment requirements or processes necessary to incorporate Pixel’s lenses into a standard vision care provider’s office.  With Pixel’s breakthrough products, everyone wins – eyeglass consumers, vision care professionals, optical dispensaries and wholesale laboratories.

Co-investors with KB in this company include Delphi Ventures, The Carlyle Group, Longitude Ventures, Life Science Angels and Panasonic Ventures.


GolfServ is a pioneer and leading player in the online golf market, providing private label golf sites for leading media entities and comprehensive offerings for golfers and golf fans.

The company was very successfully sold to Time Inc. (NASDAQ:TIME) then renamed




Fusion Risk Management, Inc.

Fusion Risk Management, Inc. is an innovative IT and operational risk management consulting firm and software provider.  Fusion was founded with the vision of industry leaders that IT and operational risk management can be made more effective, efficient and economical.  Fusion is based on the belief that an organization's vulnerabilities and threats are endless, but the funds to address them are limited, making it imperative that companies have the ability to identify, organize and measue risk in order to mitigate and manage it on an ongoing basis. Fusion Risk Management employs the "Fusion Framework," a structured methodology developed from decades of industry experience, to deliver a suite of Advisory Consulting solutions that help customers gain control of their IT Risk Management Programs. Fusion also offers world class Advisory Consulting Services in the areas of IT governance, business continuity, disaster recovery, imformation protection, regulatory compliance, audit preparation, pandemic planning and crisis mananagement.

Fusion Risk Management was successfully sold to Catalyst Investors.

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